A Virtual Reality Experience

Impossible Courage uses true virtual reality and interactive environments to place people into lives they otherwise may not be able to imagine. It is based on the pressing refugee crisis, people abandoning their lives to flee hardship and find asylum abroad. The story brings users through the courage, sacrifices and difficult decisions along an asylum seeker’s journey.

Test Results & Feedback

When starting this project, we didn't assume it would work. We approached Impossible Courage like it was an experiment. Displayed here are the results of trials conducted around the project, as well as post-survey results collected at every showing. The results have been very promising. If you filled out a survey at one of our exhibitions, thanks for your participation.

Experience Effectiveness

"Please rate your experience, based on emotional response." (n=)

Opinion Change

"How has your opinion of the refugee crisis changed?" (n=)

The above data is from a simple survey given after the exhibition or mobile VR experience. The conditions around the variables and the population vary siginificantly, but the data gives a good overall picture of the trials

The data below is from a behavioral study done with a prototype of the Impossible Courage experience. Participants were given a pre and post survey, and sensor data was logged while they were in the VR headset. We evaluated changes in opinion using a qualitative content analysis. Motion sickness was measured on a 1 to 5 scale, each scene rated by a participant. The scenes were rated against each other for impact, with participants selecting from a list.


"What is your opinion of the current migration situation?" (n=15)


"What is your opinion of the current migration situation?" (n=15)

Motion Sickness

"How motion sick did you feel on each scene?" (n=15)

Each scene rated on a scale from 1 to 5.

Scene Impact

"What scenes were most impactful?" (n=15)

Total frequency of selection for each scene.

This study was completed with the linear, animated, 3D 360 experience on a Google Cardboard headset. The results shown here were used to help design the final version of Impossible Courage, for the HTC Vive. Thank you for taking the time to read these, and stay tuned for results from the final version.

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